Hula Hooping trend sparks at Central Michigan University.

Since the 1950’s Hula Hooping has been seen as a child’s play toy as well as a circus prop. Although children and acrobats still love playing with them, adults are starting to have more fun with them too. In recent times hooping has become one of the latest trends and has been emerging in fitness studios and around music festivals for live entertainment. The activity can be used as a cardio or meditative sport that can be combined with yoga.

“Hula hooping is known as a flow art. Flow arts are related to circus arts which can also be described as dancing with a prop. For me personally it is a really good release of energy and stress and is also something fun to do that is active and challenging. There is always more to learn and something that you can improve on.” Hannah Rose Redbloom Yoga

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One of these unique classes was taught at RedBloom Yoga in Mount Pleasant by Central Michigan University Student Hannah Rose. This is the first Hooping class that she has taught at the studio and 15 individuals were excited to sign up and to learn more. This was an introduction class where five simple techniques were taught to beginners.

At the end of the class the participants were given a video recap of the class and coupons to buy their own hoops so that they could continue to practice on their own. Hooping can be a great way to get a quick and fun workout in. This unique form of fitness can add some excitement to any typical fitness routine.

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“Hannah made hooping accessible to everyone at the workshop and took time to make sure everyone was comfortable with the activities. We have had great feedback from people attending this workshop- they want to know when they can sign up for the next workshop!” Kris Batzner Co-Owner of RedBloom Yoga

Hannah explained how she originally found a hula hoop on the ground at a music festival and ended up teaching herself some moves. It took her about a year to get somewhere but since then she has taught many of her friends the art of hooping.

“One of the coolest parts about hula hooping is getting to teach others. There is a really great group of people who support and inspire me so I’m consistantly always wanting to learn something new.”

Not only is hooping fun but it can have some great benefits. Rose went on to say,

“Hula Hooping and circus arts are a really creative and great thing to incorporate into people’s physical rehab, it can be really great for behavioral health. It can also be a great leisure activity to pair with yoga and movement.”

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